The Dirt Off will strive to ensure that its activities at all times will be conducted safely with respect to its staff, customers and the general public. Every employee is tasked with contributing to environmental protection.

Dirt Off's commitment to the environment has been one of the foundations of the company right from its inception. During the formulation of every new product, huge emphasis is given to the minimization of environmental impact in both the production methodology of the chemicals but also in reducing the potentially damaging effects in the products usage by our customers. Dirt Off is also constantly striving to improve existing products by reducing environmental impact and increasing performance.

Dirt Off has always specialized in developing chemicals that have a lower environmental impact than traditional industrial chemicals. Dirt Off has been environmentally conscious long before general social awareness emerged to prompt legislation. This head start in thinking has guaranteed that Dirt Off has been able to lead in ensuring our chemical solutions are not only environmentally optimized but are also as effective as the job requires and in many cases better performing than traditional, more harmful incumbents.